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Updated 09 May 2018

  1. The BAMA respects your privacy and will only use your information in the way described in this notice. When using your information the BAMA aims to be fair, transparent and to follow its obligations under EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your information is used for administering Association membership, activities and competitions.
  2. The BAMA is the data controller for the purpose of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Contact details are as follows:
    • The registered address of the Association is:TBC
    • The BAMA contact for privacy and data isTBC, and their contact details are:TBC

Collecting your information

  1. The BAMA will collect your information when you fill in membership application or renewal forms. You can give your information using paper forms or online forms. The information you give could include your contact details (name, address, telephone number, email address), personal information and identifiers (date of birth, membership number, competition licence number), and other information (vehicle details).  When you give information about another person, such as a child, parent, guardian, or emergency contact you should let that person know that you have given the information and that the BAMA is GDPR compliant.  If you are under 18 years old, the BAMA could also ask for information from your parent or guardian.

Using your information

  1. We use your information when you first apply to become a member of the Association and then to administer and renew your Association membership, your information could also be used when you enter Association competitions or attend Association events. For competitions, your information could be published in the programme and the results, which will be in the public domain.  Your information is used in these ways to fulfil our contract with you.
  2. You could be asked to provide information on an emergency contact and next of kin details, which is used for a legitimate interest. You should let the contact and next of kin know that you have given this information to this Association and tell them that the BAMA is GDPR compliant.  Note.  Service personnel are not to provide personal information for emergency purposes.  They are to provide the details of unit duty staff for emergency contact.
  3. The Association will not use your information for any marketing purposes other than to send calling notices for the Army Motorsports Day (AMD), Members Annual Meeting (MAM) and the annual Dinner. This will only be done if you have agreed that we can do this by giving us your clear consent.  You can change your mind at any time just by informing the Data Controller.  The BAMA will not sell your information to another organisation.

Your information will only be retained for as long as your membership remains valid.

Sharing your information

  1. We may share you information with the Auto Cycle Union and the Motor Sports Association as required by their, respective, General Regulations for governing motor sport, with medical personnel, or any other person or organisation if there is requirement for the BAMA to comply with a legal obligation.
  2. The responsibility for sharing information with other ACU or MSA clubs rests with the individual, for example when entering competitions. Members should be aware that any information they provide could be shared with third parties, for example in the production of programmes.

Our website

  1. When you use the BAMA website no information will be collected, processed or retained. The Association’s website does not use cookies.
  2. The BAMA website does contain links to other websites. If you follow links to other websites please review the privacy policy for each site because the BAMA is not responsible for information you share on those sites.

Security for your information

  1. Your information is held securely by the BAMA, which has taken all reasonable steps, and has in place appropriate security measures, to protect your information. The BAMA will not transfer your information outside the EU.

Your rights

  1. You have rights under GDPR which are summarised below:
    • You have the right to be informed.
    • You have the right to access and are entitled to know what information       the BAMA holds about you.
    • You have a right to rectification, and can ask for any inaccuracies to            be corrected.
    • You have the right to erasure and may ask the BAMA to stop using your information, and to delete it.  If you ask the Association to do this it will            not be able to continue its contract with you.
    • You have the right to restrict processing and can ask the BAMA not to        use your information for marketing purposes.
    • You may make a complaint to the Information Commissioner


13        This privacy statement could be updated in the future and any changes will be communicated to you.